Racial Traits
Average Height: As Illumian race
Average Weight: As Illumian race
Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence and +2 Wisdom or any non-Intelligence ability incremented by your Illumian race.
Size: as Illumian race
Speed: as Illumian race
Vision: as Illumian race
Languages: as Illumian race

Skill Bonuses: none

Past Life: Select a non-undead, non-construct, non-living construct race. You are considered as a member of that race for the purpose of meeting prerequisites, such as feat or paragon path prerequisites in addition to being a Illumian.

Bonus Multiclass Feat : You gain an additional feat at first level. This feat must be a multiclass feat that you meet the prerequisites for.

Multiclass Versatility: You can choose class specific multiclass feat from more than one class.

Immortal: You are an immortal, a direct progeny of the gods and angels. You thus have the immortal origin for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin. As such, you are subject to effects and conditions that affect immortals.

Meditation : Rather than sleep, you enter a meditative state known as trance. You need to spend 4 hours in this state to gain the same benefits other races gain from taking a 6-hour extended rest. While in a trance, you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice

Luminous Sigils: You have glowing runes that circle over your head. Theses runes shed a constant light equal to a candle. You can dim them as a minor action, however this stop them from glowing but also stops the skill bonus you get from them. Reactivating your runes is a minor action.

At First level you choose two runes (this choice cannot be changed later). This determine your skill bonus and what racial power you have. A character can attemp a DC 15 Arcana Check to know what two runes you are using.

Aesh (Vigor) : +2 to Athletics
Hoon (Life) : +2 to Heal
Krau (Magic) : +2 to Arcana
Naen (Mind) : +2 to Insight
Uur (Grace) : +2 to Acrobatics
Vaul (Soul) : +2 to Diplomacy

Illumian are humans who have undergone an arcane ritual that turns them into Illumian. Few today still undergo the ritual, and instead most are born into the race as they breed true. They have a love of both knowledge and language. While a somewhat secluded race, people sometimes people encounter them traveling from cabal to cabal, looking for knowledge, or as exiles.

Play an Illumian if you wantModifier

  • Be a race that favors magic and versatility.
  • A race similar but apart from humanity.
  • Want to be a member of a race that favors Bard, Cleric, Paladin, Wizard Classes.

Physical QualitiesModifier

        Illumians look very similar to humans. They are on average slightly taller and less dense. Their skin color is commonly pale. More than half of the race is bald, but those who do have hair commonly have red or blond hair. Facial hair is very rare. The most striking feature is the ring of runes that circle around their head. The runes can be of any color and vary from person or person. The runes rarely change unless something dramatic has happened to the person.

They prefer expensive garb, especially robes. They are generally very particular about keeping their clothing unstained and in good condition. Many Illumian wear makeup, though the more makeup one has on the more they want to be left alone.

Illumian age similarly to humans. They can expect a slightly longer lifespan, usually topping out at 120 years. Illumian infants usually start talking a week or two after birth, thought physical development is still like a normal human's.

Playing an IllumianModifier

Most Illumian are raised in a cabal. A cabal is a community of Illumians who live together, generally in a secluded space. Cabals often spring up around a central idea, like using the starts to predict prophesies, or to the study of druidic magic. Illumians have one true city, hidden away in the shadowfell where they are by far the most dominant race.

Illumian are closest to the goddess Ioun for her love of knowledge. Some evil Illumian instead choose to follow Vecna. The Illumian who practice religion often gather together since most Illumian just feel closer to arcane magic than divine magic. Those away from home can most commonly be seen offering prayers to Sehanine and Avandra. A few Illumian follow Erathis or Moradin.

Illumians have a love of knowledge and language and can be found studying books all the time. They are taught at a young age not to waste time on silly things and to take their studying seriously. Common ways of relaxing can be writing poetry, reading books, or listening to music.

Illumian Characteristics: Adaptable, Arcane, Disciplined, Knowledge Loving, Restrained, Magical, Mysterious, Refined.

Male Names : Abthek, Byrek, Duensil, Ghautar, Hautra, Iarmid, Kaulesh, Kyrish, Ooleg, Shelkau, Vyurek, Yeylea

Female Names : Andrin, Chalarum, Eallie, Fraona, Nuele, Prekish, Querik, Rhealoo, Sreiska, Woothal, Xiroth, Zhaolei

Cabal Names : Driftcloud, Frostthought Greyshadow, Sungazers, Swordsmith, Whisperwoods

Runes: Floating around your body are powerful runes. You may prepare a number of rituals equal to one fourth your level as though they were scrolls. They are a runic glyph that floats around you. As a standard action, you may use a ritual stored this way as if it were a scroll.

High Runes (30th level): When you prepare your runes, you do not have to pay the material or gold costs.

Heroic FeatsModifier

Improved Luminous Sigil (Heroic)

Aesh (Vigor) : +2 to Damage Roll and +1 Attack Roll of Fire Power, Resist Fire 1/2 Level
Hoon (Life) : +2 to Damage Roll and +1 Attack Roll of Radiant Power, Resist Radianr 1/2 Level
Krau (Magic) : +2 to Damage Roll and +1 Attack Roll of Force Power, Resist Force 1/2 Level
Naen (Mind) : +2 to Damage Roll and +1 Attack Roll of Psychic Power, Resist Psychic 1/2 Level
Uur (Grace) : +2 to Damage Roll and +1 Attack Roll of Cold Power, Resist Cold 1/2 Level
Vaul (Soul) : +2 to Damage Roll and +1 Attack Roll of Necrotic Power, Resist Necrotic 1/2 Level

Halo (Heroic) : An aura surround you with a effect based on your choice of rune. The Aura have a radius of 1 Square per 2 level and affect allies or ennemies within it.

Aesh (Vigor) : Allies gain Resist 5 and Ennemies Vulnerability 5 against Fire
Hoon (Life) : Allies gain Resist 5 and Ennemies Vulnerability 5 against Radiant
Krau (Magic) : Allies gain Resist 5 and Ennemies Vulnerability 5 against Force
Naen (Mind) : Allies gain Resist 5 and Ennemies Vulnerability 5 against Psychic
Uur (Grace) : Allies gain Resist 5 and Ennemies Vulnerability 5 against Cold
Vaul (Soul) : Allies gain Resist 5 and Ennemies Vulnerability 5 against Necrotic

Paragon FeatsModifier

Greater Luminous Sigil (Paragon) The Resist increase to 1 per level

Aesh (Vigor) : xxx
Hoon (Life) : xxx
Krau (Magic) : xxx
Naen (Mind) :  xxx
Uur (Grace) : xxx
Vaul (Soul) : xxx

Improved Halo (Paragon) Resist and Vulnerability increase to 10 and additional effects below :

Aesh (Vigor) : Ennemies have a Penalty of -1 and Allies gain +1 Bonus to their Fortitude Defense
Hoon (Life) : Ennemies take 2 Dmg per Turn (4 when Bloodied) and Allies regain +1d6 Hit Points when they use a Healing Surge
Krau (Magic) : Ennemies Cant Teleport and Allies can Teleport anywhere within the Aura as a Move Action
Naen (Mind) : Ennemies have a Penalty of -1 and Allies gain +1 Bonus to their Will Defense
Uur (Grace) : Ennemies have a Penalty of -1 and Allies gain +1 Bonus to their Reflex Defense
Vaul (Soul) : Ennemies have a Penalty of -1 and Allies gain +1 to their Saving Throw

Epic FeatsModifier

True Luminous Sigil (Epic)

Aesh (Vigor) : xxx
Hoon (Life) : xxx
Krau (Magic) : xxx
Naen (Mind) :  xxx
Uur (Grace) : xxx
Vaul (Soul) : xxx

Supreme Halo (Epic) Resist and Vulnerability increase to 15 and each 1 Bonus from Improved Halo increase to 2

Aesh (Vigor) : Ennemies are Weakened and Allies are always Stabilized
Hoon (Life | Healing) : Ennemies cant Heal and Allies gain Fast Healing 4 while Bloodied
Krau (Magic | Ilusion)  : Ennemies are Slide 2 Square and Allies Gain Concealment
Naen (Mind | Charm) : Ennemies are Pull 2 Square and Allies are Immune to Charm Effects
Uur (Grace) : Enemies treat the area within the aura as difficult terrain and Allies gain +2 Bonus to Skill Checks
Vaul (Soul | Fear) : Ennemies take -2 Penalty to Attack Roll and Allies are Immune to Fear Effects