Niveau 2
Catégorie Creation
Compétence Arcana
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... Ce rituel

This spell transforms the internal structure of a clear or translucent gemstone of crystalline structure no larger in size than the caster’s balled fist to enable it to receive and hold a spell dweomer (usually cast into it by use of a dweomerflow spell). At the time the spell is cast, roll an item saving throw for the gemstone vs. magical fire (rock, crystal vs. magical fire). Success means that the spell is successful; failure destroys the gemstone. Gemstones of above-normal quality may receive a bonus to the saving throw at the DM’s discretion (usually from +1 to up to +3 for flawless or otherwise extremely  exceptional quality stones). The gemstone glows with a soft internal radiance once focal stone is cast (which in some markets raises its value), and it emits a faint dweomer. If immersed in a poisonous liquid, the focal stone turns a vivid purple and can be commanded by touch and will to neutralize poison. If so commanded, the focal stone dissolves and is destroyed, but it leaves the liquid safe to drink or touch. A focal stone otherwise has no special properties; contrary to popular belief, it cannot reach out and trap spells cast near it or suck in passing enchanted creatures, though it is an ideal receptacle for the life force of a being using a magic jar spell. The focal stone spell does not prevent the focal stone from being shattered by deliberate attack (a crushing blow, for instance), but does prevent it from being damaged by natural and magical heat, flame, lava, extreme cold, or mineral contamination. Shattering a focal stone immediately unleashes the full effects of any spell stored in it in a manner determined by the DM. A dispel magic cast on such a stone does not affect it or any stored magics. The material component is a pinch of any sort of opal dust.

Surtout utile dans la création d'objets magiques, mais peut également servir d'objets magique mineur pour relâcher la magie de façon plus rapide en brisant la Focal Stone en une Minor Action